Rise & Shine



Kinder Care



Why Choose Rise and Shine Kinder-Care:

The following domains of development are addressed: vocabulary, visual-motor integration, auditory competence, language and speech development, English and Arabic proficiency, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills.

Preschool children and toddlers will show gains in all developmental areas, including literacy, cognitive, social, and emotional development. All members of program staff are knowledgeable about high quality.Early childhood programs and are effective in explaining, organizing and implementing them.

A system is established whereby each child’s

parents are routinely advised of their child’s progress.

The classrooms are stocked with developmentally appropriate materials, supplies and equipment.

Blocks of time are scheduled in such a way that the children can become absorbed in their learning experiences without being interrupted.

The schedule provides a balance of:

teacher-directed and meaningful child

initiated activities,

active and quiet activities,

independent and guided activities,

large-group, small-group, and individual activities.

Provisions are made for children with

diverse abilities to participate

in the program.