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Ibrahim felt at home from the first day, with all the love, passion,sincerity, dedication, care, warmth, knowledge, fun and creativity that the Rise & Shine family proudly share. It is a blessing to have all this together. Ibrahim thinks he is punished on the day he doesn't go to Rise & Shine. Our journey with R&S is really something to always


Marwa Hazem, mother of Ibrahim El Menshawy

Ahmed is a very attached boy, but since he came to

Rise & Shine he's been very happy and has become

more interactive with other people.

Hala Moustafa, mother of Ahmed El Eweiny

Hala is my first child and I was really concerned about any nursery, but I really found a second home, a second family. lots of care and lots of love at Rise & Shine. Thank you .

Reham Hegazi, mother of Hala Khashaba

A most clean, most organized place. It's the most wonderful nursery in the world!

Marwa Abdel Kader, Mother of Omar Amir

Rise & Shine is so organized and so clean. Mazen is so happy here. He's also gained a lot of knowledge.

Shahinaz Ahmed,

mother of Mazen


Mohamed loves going to Rise & Shine. He has learnt a lot. I especially like that they focus on academic subjects, like Jolly Phonics. The teachers and staff are helpful and pleasant. They respond quickly to any individual concerns that parents have.

Rama Ghazi, mother of Mohamed El Hout

A place with friendly people and smiling faces. Rise & Shine has a cozy atmosphere that makes Osman feel at home. The staff is very helpful,caring, and will always go out of their way to make each child reach their highest potential.

Sahar Emira, mother of Osman Karim

Rise & Shine has really kept its promise regarding being such a warm and healthy place for my child. I would really like to grab this chance to thank all the teachers for their great care and love for Adham, especially his sweet teacher Menna.

Shereen Hamdy, mother of Adham Aref

My favourite thing about Rise & Shine is that it provides care tailored to every child's need. I doubt if I could find a nursery to give Mariam as much attention and care like Rise & Shine. Thank you for your constant concern. It is a pleasure dealing with Rise & Shine, and we will have nothing but good memories to share about it.

Randa Ashour, mother of Mariam Allam.

Youssef loves Rise & Shine! After trying a coupleof well-known nurseries in the area, Youssef helped us choose Rise & Shine by simply seeing him extremely happy and developing healthy growth. The "family based " environment with highly qualified staff makes us confident that our son is receiving the best care ever!

Ingy Shafik, mother of Youssef Michel

I'm totally satisfied with Rise & Shine's standard academically, and with the way kids and parents are treated. Please keep it up, Rise & Shine, coz you are the best!

Nisreen Kabil, Mother of Essam Mohamed

A professional, educational place with a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere. Rise & Shine indeed had a great effect on Malek's life.

Sally Refky, Mother of Malek Seif

I think that Rise & Shine is the warmest kindergarten, with perfect supervision as it is supported by recording cameras in every corner. Yes, it is a cheerful place for my twins. Finally, they are outstanding with children with special needs.

Deena Ayoub, mother of Aly & Karma Wessam

By all means sending our little girl to Rise & Shine was the best decision made. The criteria fitted exactly what every parent would hope for: Professional, creative, hard-working, great staff calibers, well knowledged & educated teachers and management, well-planned educational and developmental programs, many out-door activities, events and parties, but most importantly, a true and "genuine" attitude!

My child anxiously asking me in the morning to hurry up in order to go to the nursery was certainly a far-fetched reality, yet indeed has become one! Every single day! I'm not going to think twice to enroll my second child in Rise & Shine. Thank you, Rise & Shine, thank you for everything!

Sherif El Dabaa & Dina Morgan, parents of Emma El Dabaa

Our daughter Nour really enjoys going to Rise & Shine, and although she is very shy, her social skills have improved a lot. We are very happy with Nour's attendance at Rise & Shine.

Ahmed Afifi, father of Nour Afifi

Being at Rise & Shine is like being at home.Judy is so happy and has gained a lot of knowledge. The nursery has a warm and loving atmosphere that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Noha El Sheikh, mother of Judy El Gebeily

Rise & Shine is my dream kinder-care. I couldn't imagine that I would find in Egypt such a professional and educational place that at the same time can provide very young children with a warm and loving atmosphere. Rise & Shine is a very organized and clean place where you can find smiles every-where. Natalie is happy each morning when I wake her up as she loves ALL the teachers. They have all become my friends and Ms. Nagla is like my mother, I can ask her for anything at any time.

I wish I could find a school like Rise & Shine. I will try to convince Ms. Nagla to open a school, I know that it would be a very good one!

Maria Magdy, mother of Natalie Fady Soliman

Rise & Shine is the kindergarten all parents dream about. Since my daughter started going there, she has learnt a lot including the most important things such as reinforcing manners & proper behaviour, as well as numbers, shapes, alphabet & songs.

Nivene Azmy, mother of Lara Yasser

Rise & Shine is a place where I can keep my child safe and happy. My child is always excited about going to the nursery every morning, as she considers them a part of her big family. They care, nurse, teach,amuse & love our children. I'm so happy to find such a secure and happy place.

Heba El Zoheiry, mother of Fayrouz Ramy Nosser

I really appreciate your effort with Omar. Yesterday we were having lunch, and I said to my husband (in English) don't force Omar to eat because he isn't hungry. Omar answered in English; Yes Mom, I'm not hungry. I was so happy with him. Thanks for everything, Rise & Shine.

Ekram Hatem, mother of Omar Shady

My child has been in Rise & Shine for two years. I couuldn't express my feelings towards the whole staff in words. They are very kind,caring and thoughtful. In addition to their wonderful academic curriculum. Thank you for every one.

Lamia El Guindy, mother of Nour El Deen Saeed El-Assy

Like any concerned mother, I was worried about sending my year-old toddler to any nursery. For over a month I studied nursery options in Cairo to choose a comfortable and safe venue to send my baby Salim, until I came across Rise & Shine Kinder-Care. The moment I stepped intoRise & Shine for the first time, I felt peace of mind. The ambience was warm and friendly and showed signs of a clean and healthy environment.

The educational system and wonderful staff chosen by Mrs. Nagla Abou-Yousef, an outstanding educator, develop creative, hardworking, disciplined and happy children. My baby Salim never wants to go home, he loves this placea lot.

Keep rising and shining, my Rise & Shine. Salim loves you all and me too!

Walaa Hannout, mother of Salim Akram Fawzy