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Kinder Care


Parents' Hand-Book

Hours Of Operation

Rise & Shine Kinder-Care opens at 8:00 am (early shift from 7:30 am) and closes at 4:00 pm. Extra hours extend to 6:00 pm

Waiting List

The Rise & Shine Kinder-Care maintains a waiting list established on a first come first served basis. When a space becomes available, the Admissions' Staff wiil contact families that are first on the waiting list.

Bus Service

A Bus service is availble upon request.Full safety measures are met with ample supervision. Our drivers are reliable and the buses are air-conditioned.


During the initial first week parents may accompany the child for parts of the day to help ease the separation from home. We would then gradually decrease the number of hours each day so that by the end of the week the child will feel comfortable in his new surroundings. Afterwards, as a policy, parents may visit Rise & Shine Kinder-Care at any time. We recommend prior notice, and not too often, as this would help the children and staff to establish a routine.


Rise & Shine Kinder-Care extends enrollment to babies and children between the ages of two months and four years. After the initial application form is filled there is an interview with the family. Upon acceptance the child is invited to “visit” the class for as long as he/she wishes, as a warm-up before the full day to come. Rise & Shine also accommodates school age children during holidays, where they are given activities appropriate for their age. Children with diverse abilities will be considered for admission, when the Director determines that our preschool can meet the needs of the child without affecting care for the rest of the children.

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