Rise & Shine



Kinder Care



We serve healthy, fresh foods, in the form of breakfast, lunch and snack daily. Moreover, a Nutritionist has been consulted and has provided simple balanced menus with additions of particular herbs, nut-powder and spices that are of immense nutritional value to a growing child.

We do not serve foods from the same category together.

We plan the menu ahead so that we do not repeat the foods too often.

We provide foods of various colours to make them more appealing, and to ensure the presence of different vitamins.

We think about the texture of foods, chewy or smooth, to add interest to the meal.

We serve meals that smell good, as aromas are important in stimulating appetite.

We place the food on the plates so that items do not touch, and arrange it in a pleasing manner.

We allow children to decide how much they will eat by serving moderate amounts, to be followed by second helpings if they want.

We serve familiar foods with new foods, and introduce new foods one at a time to gain acceptance.

We serve attractive, good tasting, interesting but simple foods that appeal to children. Bite-sized pieces, interesting shapes, small muffins and funny sounding names are just a few examples.

Above all, we serve the foods children need to grow and develop.